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Book reviews disclosure:
I am a simple homemaker, interested in sewing and sharing the fun with others having same interests. Since I like sewing a lot and I do like making the projects from craft books or sewing book and magazines, I thought I will blog about my experience under a series called Sew Book inspired!

You may like it if not you can freely ignore it.
Please note that this is not a sponsored initiative(I am not getting paid any way). Also I am not an affiliate to any site nor is this blog hosting any kind of advertisements.

I purchase most of the books myself. Some cases the publisher sends it to me. I will mention in the post if it was sent to me free of charge or I purchased it.

If you send your book or magazine for review, please note that:
1. I will not be charged for the product I review and it will be shipped at senders expense.
2.The books I receive will not be returned, it will be for me to keep.
3.I buy all materials required to make a project form your book, from my pocket.
4. I will post a review after making something from the book. It will be my honest opinion and experience. 
5.I make sure I provide appropriate links to where the book can be purchased. If you want specific links then please inform me.
6. I include pictures of my finished product from the book. I also include the cover picture of the book in the post.

If I have to include pictures from the book, I take your permission before hand. If you want me to review your book/magazine/pattern. I would love to hear from you. Get in touch by clicking here and filling the simple the contact form.


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