Sunday, 13 July 2014

Introducing Sewloft Sewing patterns + make

Recently I came across a new(at least to me) Indie pattern company. There is something really unique about this one which I am going to write about in this post.  (Click on link below to read more).

Sewloft sewing pattern downloadable pdf sheer blouse patter good design for chiffon georgette with stand collar and drawstring waist
The side pic. Drawstrings always flatter the waist. Like them:)

 I am talking about the Sewloft patterns. I kind of liked some of the designs up for sale in the Sewloft shop.To see how things work out I wanted to make some pattern and see how it really feels to use this new pattern company:)I chose the Harper Blouse.
About the pattern: This is a 'This lightweight blouse sewing pattern is great for layering or warm days. Hem is tunic length (below the hip) so you can pair it with leggings', as the pattern description goes.I printed it out and taped the pieces quiclky. Make sure you center align the printer settings or else it gets printed in the side and some content gets eaten off by the default printer margins.
The instructions are clearly pictured and detailed. Pretty simple to make. I love the contrast collar. It gives a real classy look. Especially the baggy effect and drawstring flatters the waist. Drawstring at the waist is really nice and comfy. I have used drawstring for two other of my makes.(Kimono dress and sweetheart neckline blouse)
Sewloft sewing pattern downloadable pdf sheer blouse patter good design for chiffon georgette with stand collar and drawstring waist
Fun collage. The print gets messier LOL
Preparation:Suitable fabrics are sheer and light weight fabrics. Those of you who have been reading my blog since its inception know that I am fond of sewing with Sheer fabrics and I have made quite some in the past(see them here). Also after I made my first sheer top, the cowl neck top (which I had drafted myself), there was some fabric with that colorful goergette left over. It was not too much that was remaining that I could make up a dress. But something for a top or blouse was just fine. So I made up my mind to try the Harper blouse with this.

Making:I really like the presentation of the pattern in pdf format. Clear and concise. Not at all cluttered with links and crampy look like some other pdf patterns I have used.  For the center front , side seams and the shoulder seams, the pattern instructions state - 'Finish your seams if you'd like'.. Considering the fact the fabric is sheer a method to finish the seams must have been mentioned. Anyway this is rated medium and someone with experiece will definitely know how to finish seams of sheer fabrics and would do it. For the center front I finished off with a zig zag seam . For the shoulder and side seams I used french seams.
Sewloft sewing pattern downloadable pdf sheer blouse patter good design for chiffon georgette with stand collar and drawstring waist
The collar is sometimes wonky because of the sheerness of the fabric :|

The fit:I really love the fit of the pattern. I chose a size close to my size and it worked out really well.I know it is not a tight fitted style, but the darts and the neck depth and shoulder width  were all perfect. The note worthy feature is the armholes. It fits perfect. Previously when I made my tank top and Polly top using other patterns, the arm holes were way too deep!So adjustments were necessary. Here that was not the case for me(Glee). I do wish there are real people wearing the finished garments in the site and not dummys. That gives a clear idea on how the pattern would fit.

The uniqueness of this pattern company is that they offer a subscription(on a monthly basis). That is really an awesome feature. Finally I would conclude that the experience was really good.Thanks for bringing out such a lovely pattern.I love the style of this blouse. Have you heard of this pattern Co before ? Did you like the Harper blouse. let me know in you comments. I am eager to hear. Till next time - happy Sunday!


  1. That's a great silhouette, and love the splashes of color.

  2. You did well to sew with such a sheer and lightweight fabric. The thought still scares me! Nice blouse. I'll check out their patterns.

    1. Thanks Deby. i am finding it fun to sew with sheer fabrics now :D

  3. This looks great - I love the print fabric you chose. The subscription format is interesting, isn't it? I don't sew quickly enough, nor do enough of the patterns suit my taste and style for subscribing to work for me but it's great value.


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